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Hello my Prize Mania friends,

My name is Sasa Krstic from Serbia and I have been playing Prize Mania since 2012. I won a CASH JACKPOT of US$5,142.00, and I was also invited to Las Vegas, USA, to receive my prize live on stage at the Most Famous Awards Show!

Here is my story:

One day I was having fun playing Prize Mania as usual, and when I clicked the button for the Cash Jackpot, I could not believe my eyes! The message displayed was, “You are the Winner!” I thought, “Am I REALLY the WINNER?” I was sitting in my chair and I could not move! Guys, believe me, all my life I have played lotto, bingo and other different games, and have never won anything, so I was in shock and for a moment I did not know what to do! Suddenly, I felt the fear that the message would disappear from my screen! So, I took a screenshot and after that I refreshed the page. I clicked the button with jackpot again and this time I received following message "Nothing has changed! You are still the winner"  I wanted to check if it is for real, so, I found the support chatroom and sent them the screenshot to check it out. After a while, I got the message from support that I really won the prize and I would get an official email with confirmation and details of my winnings.

After the Unicorn Team helped me with my travel arrangements, I was soon on my way to Las Vegas! Can you imagine the feeling?  During the flight, I was so excited that I couldn't sleep. It was 3 pm and after passing through customs I walked through the gate and was officially in Las Vegas! I was told before my flight that somebody would wait for me, and like a rock star, I was picked up right at the airport by a limousine, and the driver was holding a sign with my name on it!

I spent five incredible days in the most famous place in the world for entertainment, gambling and fun, Las Vegas! I discovered a lot of fabulous and amazing places in the city and met many people from all over the world. I tried to gamble and of course lost some money, but I didn’t care, I enjoyed it. It was just for fun.

 At the Most Famous Awards Show I met so many wonderful members of the Unicorn Team, and many Unicorn Affiliates. I met the artists who came from all over the world to perform, including the Grand Prize Winner, Artie Simon from Russia. I enjoyed watching the artists perform and really enjoyed the magic act that was included in the show. And finally, I was standing there on stage to receive my winnings. The Emcee, Mr. Gee DaCosta, asked me how it happened and I told them the story I’m telling you now. After the show there was a cocktail party, so everybody talked to each other, took pictures and had a wonderful time. 

 I would like to thank the whole Unicorn Team for this opportunity, and for helping me with the details of my Las Vegas Trip!

I hope that my story will motivate other members and new members to play Prize Mania, I'm still playing!

Your friend,

Sasa Krstic




DateTime (USA CT)CategoryPerNum
11/0912:50 amJewelry1000680011
11/0912:40 amCash Jackpot1001189020
11/0912:30 amSmartphone1000839617
11/0912:20 amSurprise1001245872
11/0912:10 amEbook1001056942
11/0912:00 amYEM Jackpot1000135618

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